Physiology is the scientific study of the functions and mechanisms in living organisms and human physiology is how the human body functions in health and disease. Physiology, the mother of medicine, is the foundation for all clinical subjects in medical education. The department of Physiology of AIMS Mohali is well- equipped to impart good quality competency based medical education to phase I MBBS students and to involve them in different research activities. We have fully equipped air conditioned Clinical Physiology Lab and Haematology lab to serve the teaching and research needs of both students and faculty. The laboratories are fully equipped with latest instruments like ECG machine, Digital polygraph,BP apparatus, perimeters, Mosso’s ergographs, spirometers, BMR apparatus, bicycle ergometer, ophthalmoscope, binocular microscopes etc. The department has a demonstration room with proper seating arrangement for various teaching- learning activities like seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, small group teaching etc. Our departmental library has adequate books for the use of staff and students. The highly dedicated faculty is determined to make physiology a subject student can enjoy learning. Apart from regular undergraduate teaching, the department of Physiology plans to provide clinical services by starting Autonomic Function Lab, Respiratory Physiology Lab and Integral Health Clinic.


Designation Name of the faculty members
Professor Dr. Suchet Trigotra
Associate Professor Dr. Meena Arora
Assistant Professor Dr. Neetu Tejpal
Assistant Professor Dr. Mandeep Kaur
Tutor Dr. Raghav Bhatia
Tutor Dr. Sundeep Singh
Tutor Dr. Alvish Jindal


Designation Name of the members
Clerk Mr. Surinder Singh
Lab Attendants Mrs. Komal Thakur
Lab Attendants Mr. Bobby Singh
Attendant Mr. Gursharan Singh
Sweeper Mrs Anita