The department provides routine OPD services like complete head and neck examination, nasal and laryngo-pharyngeal rigid endoscopies, evaluation of vertigo, etc.
Minor OT procedures like biopsies, nasal packing, cyst excision, etc are done.
Major OT procedures include tympano-mastoidectomies, stapedotomies, FESS, limited anterior and lateral skull base surgery, thyroidectomy, parotidectomy etc.

Expansion plan:

Fully functional audiology facility providing PTA, BERA and OAE services.
VideoNystagmoGraphy(VNG) facility.
To develop a departmental surgical skills lab teaching basic suturing techniques, otological and rhinological surgical approaches, etc.
Special clinics for evaluation of deaf-mute children, cochlear implant clinic and cochlear implant OT services.
A Rehabilitation Unit of Audiology and Speech (RUAS) to be established which shall provide audiology, speech and swallowing rehabilitation services.
A specialised endoscopy unit to provide flexible laryngo-pharyngo-esophagoscopy services for diagnosis and follow-up of head and neck cancer patients.
To run specialised clinics along with OPD such as Vertigo clinic, Otology clinic, Skull Base Clinic, Rhinology Clinic, Voice Clinic, Head and Neck Rehabilitation Clinic, etc.
To organise clinics or weekly/monthly conferences with other departments such as Pathology, Radio-diagnosis, etc.
To upgrade OT in order to accommodate surgical care for complex skull base lesions, advanced head and cancers, cochlear implants, etc.


Designation Name of the faculty members
Assistant Professor Dr. Karan Aggarwal
Senior Resident Dr. Sandeep Singh
Senior Resident Dr. Girish Dogra
Senior Resident Dr. Taranjot Kaur
Senior Resident Dr. Mayuri Mahendra Bhutiyani
Senior Resident Dr. Vikram Singla


Designation Name of the members
Audiologist Ms Deepti Kaushal
Speech Therapist Ms Ramandeep kaur