• Biochemistry is a core subject during the first phase of undergraduate teaching. It equips the students not only with the basic understanding of biochemical processes taking place in the body but also helps them understand the molecular and genetic basis of diseases. The department is well furnished with all the necessary equipment and ready to impart the best of the academic experience. The faculty is highly experienced and recognized for excellence in academic’s activities, clinical laboratory work and research. The department has an undergraduate lab in the medical college which is fully equipped for imparting Competency based practical education and practice to MBBS students. The departmental library has ninety books pertaining to biochemistry and related subjects for use by faculty and students.
  • Biochemistry is a part of clinical services and patient care by imparting lab services. The Clinical Biochemistry lab is situated in the hospital wing. The department has all the facilities to carry out the routine and specialized blood investigations. The lab is functional 24x7in which around 800-1000 investigations are performed daily for both the outdoor and indoor patients.

  • Routine Biochemistry Tests
  • Plasma Glucose & GTT
  • Renal function Tests
  • Liver function Tests
  • Lipid Profile
  • Serum Electrolytes
  • Blood gas analysis.
  • Glycated Hemoglobin
  • Special Investigations
  • Thyroid Profile (TSH, Total T3 and total T4)
  • Fertility profile (FSH, LH, Prolactin),
  • Cancer Markers (CA 125, PSA)
  • Equipment available in Clinical Biochemistry Lab:
  • Fully automated Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer (EM 360, ERBA XL 640)
  • Blood Gas Analysis (Sensa core ST 200)
  • Semi Automated biochemistry Analyzer
  • ELISA Reader and Washer


Designation Name of the faculty members
Professor Dr. Shalini Gupta
Associate Professor Dr. Vaneet Kaur
Assistant Professor Dr. Neelam Lakha
Assistant Professor Dr. Sumeet Kaur
Senior Resident/ Tutor Dr. Sonia Jangwal
Senior Resident/ Tutor Dr. Robin Singla
Senior Resident/ Tutor Mr. Shivdayal


Designation Name of the members
Laboratory Technicians Ms. Meenakshi
Laboratory Technicians Ms. Harpreet
Laboratory Technicians Mr. Pardeep
Laboratory Technicians Mr.Dilpreet.
Laboratory Attendants Mr. Jaswant Singh
Laboratory Attendants Mr.Kuldeep
Computer Operator Mr.Sarthak
Peon/Attendant Mr.Montek Singh
Sweeper Ms. Nanaki Devi